The WRL App uses 11 Elements of Capability The WRL elements are descriptions of different kinds of individual capability described in outcome statements. They use the concepts which are commonly combined to define the levels in qualification and skills frameworks. which are commonly found in tools for organising and evaluating qualifications, jobs, etc. to create a description in WRL terms.

The WRL elements fall into three overlapping groups:
> ACCOUNTABILITIES (carrying out and managing activities)
> CAPACITIES (using skills, knowledge and know-how)
> CONTINGENCIES(responding to recognised and emerging contextual factors )
WRL elements 
are defined by hierarchical sets of statements which indicate what individuals will be able to do at different stages of development or role requirement. The statements are written in an outcomes form which highlights the nature of the progression within and between each stage.
Each element is described at 8 Stages of Progression the WRL levels define stages of progression in personal, academic and professional development. They may be linked to the requirements of roles in social activities, study or work.  and users are asked, element-by-element, to decide which stage is the best match for the outcomes of their qualification/credential, entry/work role requirements, or framework level.

There are four broad levels in the WRL and each level breaks into a lower and a higher stage, with its own Element Statements. The stages are identified as A1 and A2, B1 and B2, C1 and C2, and D1 and D2. The levels and stages are intended to give structure and coherence to the WRL elements, but the WRL matching process is focused on matching qualifications to the elements to create a common profile and not to a single level or stage.

The answers are used to create a graphical WRL ProfileThe WRL Profile is a graphical representation, element by element of the outcomes of a qualification/credential, entry/work role requirements, or a framework level. Is designed to make it easy to compare these entities.

Users are also asked to enter the evidence which supports the matching, and this is used, along with the profile, to create a WRL ReportThe WRL Report describes the qualification or credential in terms which can be shared with other WRL users. It incorporates the information given by the user about the purpose, structure, size and quality assurance arrangements of the qualification or credential, including the WRL Profile and the evidence for the profile supplied by the user.

The WRLs are supported by a WRL Directory which defines the key terms and concepts as they are used in the WRLs. The Directory can be consulted here , but the definitions can also be accessed using the links in the Program.

The outcome statements of WRL can be accessed here .

Throughout the App process, users can control the sequence of the review and amend their responses and judgements.